Bentley: Alabama Improving, but Higher Taxes Needed

On March 3, 2015 Governor Robert Bentley presented his annual State of the State speech to the Alabama legislature. The Governor opened his speech with an encouragement about the improvements Alabama has made concerning the unemployment rate. While emphasizing that the unemployment rate is the lowest since 2008, Governor Bentley also challenged Alabamians to continue to compete for jobs and strengthen the state economy. He clearly stated his intentions to pass legislation which promotes increasing the industry within the state.

In addition to the issue of unemployment, the governor also touched on education. According to the address, the pre-K program of Alabama is one of five similar programs in the country to meet the acceptable standards. However, only twelve percent of four year olds have access to the program itself. Governor Bentley stressed the fact that he will attempt to include every child in the program to promote the education for the future generations of Alabama.

The speech continued to the topic of healthcare. Instead of following the federal acts concerning healthcare, Governor Bentley desires to make affordable health care available to all of Alabama, which is specific to the necessities of the state.

After tending to a few more issues of the state, Governor Bentley proposed that Alabama raise taxes. In an apologetic tone, he explained that the state is in a lot of debt. Liberating the state from this debt would boost the economy and truly pave the way for posterity.

By Maddie Hoaglund, Class of 2017

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