Autumn Longing (Harriette Adam)

She sits outside in the blazing hot sun until a cloud shields her for a moment to let her have shade.  A cold finger touches her spine, a soft cool breeze. The breeze sends a chill through her body. She takes a quick breath in to smell the air. Fall. The summer rain storms roll in, dragging the cool air into the atmosphere. The trees shed their crunchy leaves, which softly dance in the wind, landing on her path of red, orange, yellow, and brown. She brings out her boots, scarves, sweaters, and other fall trends.

She gazes upon the little monsters, mystical creatures, and fictional characters, who race freely around the streets going door-to-door giddily shouting, “Trick-or-treat!” They fill their mouths and plastic pumpkins with the sweet loot they have received and scamper along to the next house.

As time passes and the density of the forest thins, the haunting ghosts, evil decor, and stringy cobwebs are replaced with plump turkeys, rosy-cheeked pilgrims, and Native Americans with crops in hand. She gathers around the table with her large, loud family enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving meal. She laughs and talks for hours of past stories with them.

Yet she is in a daze as her eyes catch a glimpse of the glowing golden leaves falling away from the leafy giant. She knows autumn must come to an end soon. She will have to wait another year.

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