Around the World in Fourteen Days (Will Green)

In January of 2017, my girlfriend Haley and her family moved to East Asia. Obviously, this was a pretty big move for them. It was also a new journey in our relationship. We had known that this move was coming eventually, but the day it finally came was quite scary. However, we knew that everything was in God’s hands. FaceTiming everyday became the new norm. Poor connection and calls failing were always expected. It was really hard, and it was only summer. I became convinced that waiting until she came back in July of 2018 would be entirely too long without seeing her in person.

So I decided that a trip to East Asia would be necessary. In early June at the beach, I began begging my parents to let me go to East Asia to see her for Thanksgiving. As one could guess, my attempt at convincing my parents to allow me to fly around the world was difficult. However, after several days of plaguing them with questions, they gave in.

I already had the money saved and was ready to buy my tickets. After receiving my Chinese visa, I was packed and ready to be on my way. Soon I arrived at Atlanta airport ready for a long, tiresome journey to the other side of the world. My anticipation had been building for months. Then just like that, we were together. Finally, we were able to carry on a conversation without the interruption of a poor connection. Finally, we were in the same time zone. We had two weeks to have insane and unbelievable adventures. Two weeks to just hang out and be together.

Before I knew it, I was back on a plane to America. It was sad, but it was worth it to spend time with Haley. Now it’s back to FaceTiming and looking forward to July when she finally moves home.

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