Annual Knightfall Dance a Success for Teachers and Students

By Olivia Godfrey, Class of 2016

The Westminster School at Oak Mountain strives to center everything around “building Christ’s kingdom by equipping students with wisdom, virtue, and eloquence.” This is not only the goal in the classroom, but also for all extracurricular activities. For years the Westminster Upper School has celebrated the fall season with Knightfall, a social gathering planned by the House Chairs and Vice Chairs every year. A lot of preparation and thought goes into this event, creating excitement for all of the Upper School students.

Knightfall has been a tradition at Westminster for over six years. This event has been located at various students’ houses and more recently in the Oak Mountain Church gymnasium. Delicious food, fun music, and a chance to dress up in creative costumes was just the beginning of the experience because this year Knightfall was a hoedown. The gymnasium was decorated with hay bales and stringed lights. Students and teachers were given the choice to dress up in their own creative costume or come as a cowgirl or cowboy. There were a variety of individual and group costumes such as the cast from the movie Despicable Me and characters from the Toy Story movies. The atmosphere of Knightfall was warm and welcoming. Everyone looked to be having a great time.

After everyone had finished eating and talking with one another, dance instructors Mr. and Mrs. Butler got onto the stage and led the whole school in a series of line dances. These easy-to-follow dances left the wallflowers no excuses, and indeed it seemed everyone was out on the floor for at least some of the dances.

This year’s Knightfall was another success. Teachers and students alike had a wonderful night spending time with each other outside of the classroom. This was a time of fellowshipping with one another and, most importantly, demonstrating that God can use even an event like Knightfall to strengthen the Westminster Upper School community and portray the love of Christ in it all.

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