Adaptation: Atrium Chapel (Jack Wilson)

Chapel plays a very important and distinct role at Westminster. For the past four years, chapel has evolved and flourished into a new identity in the school. For the first two years, chapel was a meeting once a month to hear a talented guest speak to the school body for a short thirty minutes. As the years progressed, new additions have improved chapel’s influence. For example, the combination of the Lower School and Upper School student bodies has led to a greater surrounding of worship. The mood changes when upperclassmen have more people to be examples around.

Atrium chapel is a meeting once a week in the main area of the new Upper School building. Sometimes Mr. Hinton gives a short devotion on a passage; sometimes Mr. Knowles leads the school in worship. Personally, I have enjoyed partaking in worship with my friends in a song or listening to Mr. Hinton approach a passage with concise wisdom. Not only do I feel this way, but many other students and teachers feel the same way. After asking Mr. Knowles, he responded, “Atrium chapel has given the teachers a new way to influence the student body through worship and Scripture.” In the end, this new addition of Atrium Chapel has pushed our school closer to our end goal: to love Christ and be an example of him to others.

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