A Very Lego Christmas

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By Sarah McDaniel, Class of 2017

Christmas is surrounded by many traditions designed to bring families together. From decorating tress to preparing cookies and milk for Santa, every family celebrates Christmas differently. My family is a littler different, though. Every year we construct a complex structure known as the Lego® Christmas Village.

Five years ago Lego® created a Christmas Village set. Each year, the company adds another set to the series. My entire family will sit down at our dining room table and drink hot apple cider while building each set. Christmas music plays in the background while we work. Then I am put in charge of pulling out our old card table and setting up the entire Village, which this year is named “Snow Valley.” It has mini-figures that are decorating Christmas trees, ice skating, and buying gifts from the stores around the town. This year the North Pole was added, and now rests on a mountain I constructed out of a box. There is a black diamond ski slope coming off the mountain, along with a skier who got himself stuck in a snow drift.

Snow Valley looks as if it came right out of a Hallmark movie. But my favorite aspect of the Village, however, is how it brings my family together. Throughout the year, we all get stressed out and pass each other going out separate ways. But when we all sit down to build the Village, we forget everything else and once again become a family. Christmas traditions remind everybody that even in a world where everything is constantly changing, some things will always be the same.


  • Cheryl Holt says:

    What a great story and a great reminder that it is the simple things in life like being together as a family is what is treasured most when all the decorations, gifts, and cookies, are no longer around. Sarah can always have her family with her sitting around a table building Legos.

    • Chuck Holt says:

      Sarah’s unspoken challenge and desire of all families is to not have to wait for Christmas to come together, slow down, and be together making memories. We all need to shut off the “smart phones”, computers, and TV’s and really be together.

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