Movie Review: The Martian (Pierce Moffett)

The movie The Martian is a thrilling tale of one man’s survival on Mars. In this futuristic movie, mankind has already sent multiple teams of astronauts onto the surface of Mars. But when a powerful storm approaches, a group of astronauts are forced to quickly abandon the planet and accidently leave astronaut Mark Watney behind. Watney, played by actor Matt Damon, is the left to survive on the planet by himself. Will he make it back alive? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The Martian proved to be hit as soon as it came out in theaters, earning a total of about $55 million on opening weekend. And rightly so. The cast performed spectacularly, creating a very suspenseful and entertaining movie. Matt Damon performed exceptionally well, providing audiences with a relatable and surprisingly funny character.

Even though the movie is mainly focused on Matt Damon’s character, this film proves to still be entertaining. But one should note that this movie is rated PG-13. There is one short scene in the movie that can be difficult to watch for people who are not fond of blood, and there is also some adult content, including profanity. However, whether you are a science nerd or a movie connoisseur, this is a great movie, appropriate for anybody over thirteen.

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